Usage description of the predictor for GPCR coupling class prediction

This program determines the class of G-proteins that couple to the GPCR, i.e. Gi/o,Gs and Gq/11. No evaluation of this program on promiscuous receptors have yet been performed. The program only reports the class of G-proteins, not the individual patterns that contributed to the prediction. For such a verbose output please download the program and/or the patterns or write an email to the authors requesting this feature.

Submission of complete protein sequences and borders of intracellular loops

The program requires the following paramters:

Name of protein: name the sequence for later assignment of the prediction
Protein sequence: enter the complete protein sequence
Specifiction of intracellular loops:enter the position of the first and last residue of the found intracellular moietities of the 7TM receptor. These are referred to as intracellular loops 1 to 3 and the C-terminus.
MSR offsetExtend (+) or shrink (-) the intracellular loops with respect to the boundaries given by X residues.

If errors are found in the data entered, then the form is shown again below the list of errors with previously entered values already filled in for correction.

Batch submission of intracellular loops of multiple proteins

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created by Daniel Wieck and Steffen Möller [Bioinformatics group] [Proteome Center Rostock]