Submission to GPCR coupling predictor

Sequence-based prediction of coupling of G-protein coupled receptors

Submission of a single sequence with sequences intracellular loops not determined

The transmembrane protein topology and sidedness you can look up in the UniProt (SWISS-PROT) database or get a sequence-based prediction. I suggest to use TMHMM or HMMTOP. A list of transmembrane predictors is available here.

MSR offsetStart and end of ic loops Please enter the complete protein sequence below:
C-term C-term

Alternatively, submit a preformatted set of GPCR intracellular loops formatted as shown below:

>name 1
sequence of ic1|...2|...3|sequence of c-terminus
>name 2
sequence of ic1|...2|...3|sequence of c-terminus

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To cite this program please refer to S. Möller, J. Vilo, M. D. R. Croning Prediction of the coupling specificity of GPCRs to their G proteins Bioinformatics (2001) Supplement 1:174-181.
See for a further information on this predictor. This interface was created by Daniel Wieck and Steffen Möller. [Bioinformatics group] [Proteome Center Rostock]