MS-MS peaks to MASCOT

MASCOT needs its input for MS/MS in a special format with some additional parameters to be specified, while some instruments (or your memory) only gives you the peak list. This little PHP script does the job for you.
CommentCommentary for whole search
ChargeCharge of ions (e.g. "2+ and 3+" or "1+")
CleavageProtein used for peptide cleavage
pfaPartials (0-9)
Error toleranceError tolerance (0/1)
UsernameYour name (optional)
EMailYour email address (optional)
MetaA complicated field. Please red the documentation of MASCOT sequence searches. You can paste linewise masses (without intensities) of your precursor that you can combine with other lines that describe sequence searches.
Peak 1title1: pepmass1: charge1:
Peak 2title2: pepmass2: charge2:
Peak 3title3: pepmass3: charge3:
Peak 4title4: pepmass4: charge4:
Peak 5title5: pepmass5: charge5:
Peak 6title6: pepmass6: charge6:
Peak 7title7: pepmass7: charge7:
Peak 8title8: pepmass8: charge8:
Peak 9title9: pepmass9: charge9:
Peak 10title10: pepmass10: charge10:
Peak 11title11: pepmass11: charge11:
Peak 12title12: pepmass12: charge12:
Peak 13title13: pepmass13: charge13:
Peak 14title14: pepmass14: charge14:
Peak 15title15: pepmass15: charge15:
Peak 16title16: pepmass16: charge16:
Peak 17title17: pepmass17: charge17:
Peak 18title18: pepmass18: charge18:
Peak 19title19: pepmass19: charge19:
Peak 20title20: pepmass20: charge20:
Peak 21title21: pepmass21: charge21:
Peak 22title22: pepmass22: charge22:
Peak 23title23: pepmass23: charge23:
Peak 24title24: pepmass24: charge24:
Peak 25title25: pepmass25: charge25:
Peak 26title26: pepmass26: charge26:
Peak 27title27: pepmass27: charge27:
Peak 28title28: pepmass28: charge28:
Peak 29title29: pepmass29: charge29:
Special thanks go to Martin Resch of Shimadzu and to my colleague Cornelia Koy next door.

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