MW/PI to EnsEMBL: 2D presentation of molecular weight and point isoelectrique


This script selects Ensembl peptides whose pI and mw were predicted by the EMBOSS program pepstats to lie within a range you define. This is the same program that is used by the Ensembl protein view. There are 180000 entries in the table queried. The query limits itself to output 2000 entries max. Please tell me should you consider this unreasonable. We do not use this interface internally, so if you want improvements to this page please tell me or ask for the source that generated the database in the first place. The 'ID like' field may be used to constrain the peptides to be shown by their ID and the 'ID list' field may provide an arbitrary extension to the IDs selected, as for a calibration with identified spots on a real gel.

pI min:
pI max:
MW min:
MW max:
ID like:
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Show number of entries found
Show 2D presentation
  with MW/pI values shown on gel
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Order by: Stable Translation ID
Gene ID list
List stable gene IDs that are included with disregard to the mw and pI
Translation ID list
List stable translation IDs that are included with disregard to the mw and pI
External ID list
List external IDs for peptides that are included with disregard to the mw and pI
FASTA sequences
Add sequences not available in EnsEMBL. Header should be no more than a single word, otherwise the entry is not displayed on the gel. This may be of use, so I left this feature in for now.

The 'ID like' field is a bit of a bad hack, its contents are directly taken as a constraint on the stable translation id. E.g. you may want to put 'ENSMUSP%' for a selection of murine proteins. The output is tab-delimited for easiest parsing, no HTML unless the box checked.