Revival of the idea of Palim

Steffen Möller and David Kreil at the EBI in the year 2000, Sabine Dietmann, Mathias Bietz and Steffen now puts some further effort into it.

WOW - find repeats, inverted repeats, palindromes and complementary regions in DNA

This page is a quick hack to give access to a few guys with interest in it. It was first created somewhen late 1999/early 2000 at the European Bioinformatics Institute (

Palim is part of some unpublished work of Steffen Möler, David P. Kreil and Jong H. Park at the EBI. Please ask either of {moeller,kreil} about a proper way of citing it when you used successfully - there may be a chance that we finally get around to write this damn paper. We are also very open about suggestions and always curious to hear what you are doing with it.

There is a similar program within the EMBOSS package.

We developed our program since we were not aware of the EMBOSS variant and now have something tailored to our needs. Either program may be better suited for certain applications. We assume to be much faster since we do not allow mismatches. Whole genomes/chromosomes can be handled. We do not print the sequence ... hm ... maybe this should be added as an option.

Please tell us if you want a specific change to the program. We might either do this change for you or send you the source to let you help yourself.

Use this form to have palim run on a specific sequence

Name of sequence:
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Determine the maximum number of amino-acids allowed inbetween the palindromic structure.
Minimum length of palindrome
Graphical display or direct output?
Relevant for ASCII output only:
DNA sequence:

Use this form for a direct visualisation of a palim run

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Steffen Moeller
Last updates: 10/10/2002, last change at EBI: 3/10/2000